Moving to Columbia from St. Louis, Emily graduated from the University of Missouri in 2011 with degrees in English and Philosophy.  She will receive a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2018 and plans to work toward a doctoral degree in Psychology.  She played basketball and soccer growing up and now enjoys running, swimming and cycling.  Emily fell in love with yoga while living in Korea and was encouraged by her teacher to consider sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

Emily studied Yoga under Yogachara Ron Katwijk in Seoul, South Korea and has taught abroad in diverse Asian settings.  In addition, she completed training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Yoga Therapy.  Emily encourages exploring the relationship between mind and body while allowing time to settle and center.  She believes that playfulness and love guide yoga and the physical aspects of the practice are simply tools to enhance our focus.  We are proud to have this accomplished instructor leading our clients toward better health and wellness.