Get ready to shake your hips, move your feet, and raise your arms in their air for an energetic and inspiring workout. If you want a change in your workout routine, if you want to skip the treadmill or free weights, if you love dancing and fun music, Zumba is for you!

Even though many of our visitors may think that Zumba isn’t a real workout or that they don’t like dancing, we want you to give it a try before you knock it! A workout should raise your heartbeat, build muscle, and most importantly, make you want to come back for more. You can get all of this and so much more from just one visit to a Zumba class at Fit Central.

Zumba Classes ColumbiaZumba for Beginners

If you are new to the workout, the first thing you should know is that you don’t have to know anything! The steps and movements might seem complicated, but our instructors will start off slowly so that you can benefit from the fast-paced workout. Many of the songs only have three or four moves that you can easily pick up before the song is over.

Get Into It!

To make Zumba classes fun, enjoyable, and beneficial, feel free to really get into the moves and even act a little silly! Clapping, moving your feet, jumping up and down, and all of the movements that the class will go through are meant to be fun as well as challenging. If you can’t follow along quickly enough, just keep moving and dance to the beat of the music.

Wear the Right Gear

There is specific Zumba attire that you can purchase if you’re sure about the workout, but don’t worry if you just want to bring a normal pair of gym shoes. Just make sure that they are comfortable and have good traction. Be sure they also have proper support for your ankles and have a flexible sole as you’ll be dancing on your toes and balls of your feet.

Zumba Classes ColumbiaEnjoy a Fun Group Fitness Class

If you love the energy and excitement that a group fitness class brings, then certainly give Zumba a try. There is a noticeable energy in the room the moment the music starts and everyone begins tapping their feet. This energy is contagious, so even if you weren’t excited about joining the class at first, you will quickly see why Zumba classes have become such a craze.

Get a Whole Body Workout

Even though your dancing for the one-hour class, you do get a whole body workout. The workout includes a variety of movements that will incorporate your core, arms, and legs. Because Zumba will work your entire body, be sure to start slowly so that your muscles properly warm up. With this whole body workout, you can look forward to burning calories and have fun while doing it.

Switch up your workout routine and join Fit Central for an energetic and sweat-filled workout. Yes, it’s a dance-based class, but you will definitely leave feeling like you accomplished a serious workout.

Learn more about the perks of Fit Central and sign up for a class today.