Everyone knows a little something about yoga and you may have even done some yoga stretches without even realizing it. If you have ever stretched your legs after a run, sat “criss-cross-applesauce” while watching TV, or have even stood straight up, breathed in deep and let the breath out in a long sigh, you have done yoga! While the yoga classes at Fit Central are a little more involved than these movements, the concept is the same.

Yoga is all about the practice of breath, finding alignment within your body, and connecting all of the above with your mind and inner spirit through a series of movements. The practice uses various positions to gain strength, improve flexibility, and help you find an inner peace through meditation. That might sound like a lot, but with the group fitness classes lead by our experienced instructors, you may be surprised how beneficial just a few yoga classes can be.

Yoga Classes Columbia

For those who have never attended a yoga class, it might seem like the practice is only for the hippie type, but we encourage you to give it a try before moving on to something else. It may take some experimenting with different types or even different instructors to find a level and class that you feel comfortable with, and that’s fine! To begin with, hatha or vinyasa yoga is a great place to start.

  • Hatha: This type of yoga class will help you understand the basic movements and poses. The pace is slow and gentle.
  • Vinyasa: Used to describe various types of yoga, the vinyasa style of yoga includes a series of poses called sun salutations and incorporates breath. This type is typically more intense and uses a continuous movement, or flow, from one pose to another.

What to Expect At Your First Class

First, try not to feel overwhelmed with the yoga lingo. Your instructor will talk you through the poses using the Sanskrit and English phrases so that you can follow along and learn more about yoga. It’s also important to remember that there will be modified poses that you can do to still benefit from the practice without pushing yourself too hard.

  • Yoga Classes ColumbiaIf you’re unsure if yoga is right for you, yoga studios often have mats that you can rent.
  • There may be other equipment such as blocks, belts, or blankets.
  • Bring with you a bottle of water, comfortable clothes, and classes are done without shoes or socks.
  • Feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know that this is your first class.
  • Don’t eat a large meal right before class. Instead, have a small snack of nuts or fruit.
  • Listen closely to breathing instructions and pay close attention to your body.

Keep an Open Mind

If you can keep an open mind and try to go with the flow, you will be much more likely to enjoy the practice. A yoga class is for you to find peace and clarity in a busy world, while also building strength and flexibility. Yes, the lingo may be hard to understand at first, but with each class, you’ll become more familiar and you’ll soon fall in love with the practice of yoga.

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