Physical fitness entrepreneur Chalene Johnson created Turbo Kick® in 1997, and the workout has only gotten better since then. When you’re looking for fitness classes in Columbia, Turbo Kick will offer you a full-body workout full of fast-paced energy and strength building — and you can get it all at Fit Central.

What Is Turbo Kick?

Before you sign up for a new fitness class, it’s understandable that you’ll want to know a little bit about it and know what to expect when you show up. Do you need a yoga mat, water bottle, or towel? Should you plan on sweating a lot or is the workout more focused on flexibility? WIll there be other people attending the class? Knowing how to prepare for your Turbo Kick class will relieve any stress you may feel before attending for the first time.

What To Expect

Turbo Kick is a well-polished combination of total-body cardio, HIIT training, and strength and core exercises.

  • Bring water.
  • Expect to sweat.
  • Wear supportive shoes that aren’t too heavy.
  • Each class will begin with a warm up inspired by tai chi and end with a PiYo-style cool down.

Your whole body will get a good cardio workout through the rhythmic boxing and kickboxing combinations you’ll learn. The class will incorporate a lot of exercises from HIIT classes. You’ll improve your overall strength and your core, but you’ll be using your bodyweight to do this and don’t need to bring weights.

Benefits Of Turbo Kick

We believe Turbo Kick is one of the best group fitness classes out there, especially when you attend Fit Central in Columbia with our talented athletic trainers. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from this group exercise class:

  • You’ll make friends. Group fitness classes aren’t full of people who will judge you when you don’t get the move just right. In reality, they’re full of people who are working as hard and struggling as much as you are. When you sweat together, you’ll create a unique bond and might even take your friendship out of the gym.
  • You’ll enjoy class. There are two main reasons we see you enjoying this group exercise class: you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends and classmates, and you’ll love the upbeat, rhythmic workout. Instead of a so-so day on the treadmill or with weights in the gym, this fitness class will have engaging music, instructors, and moves that will have you actually having fun.
  • You’ll sculpt your muscles. You signed up for our fitness gym in Columbia because you wanted to get fit, right? Now is your time to shine. The total-body cardio will sculpt both your upper and lower body, and the bodyweight moves and core work will tone your muscles to keep them lean and mean.
  • You’ll burn calories. Calorie burning is a large part of getting fit, and this high-intensity workout will spike your heart rate and increase calorie burning, which will lead to less fat on top of your newly sculpted muscles.

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