Perhaps you’ve only heard of Zumba from the one ultra-fit, energetic friend of yours, or perhaps you’re a Zumba fanatic. Either way, STRONG by Zumba classes might be a new fitness class you haven’t heard of before. We’re so pleased to offer STRONG by Zumba classes at Fit Central in Columbia, Missouri. We’re a gym with child care, and we work hard to make it a comfortable place for all of your high-intensity workouts.

What Is STRONG by Zumba?

It has everything you’ve grown to love about Zumba: passionate instructors, energetic classmates, motivating music, and clear results. STRONG Zumba classes go a bit further, though, and really work on your strength. You’ll combine body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves to work your way to your best, most capable and strong body.

What To Expect

You’ll prepare for a STRONG by Zumba class in essentially the same way you would for any other Zumba class. If you haven’t ever done a Zumba class, don’t worry — our experienced instructors will help you through it.

You can expect loud, energetic music that changes often. You’ll be dancing the calories away, though this class will certainly involve more strength and conditioning. Tight athletic clothing may be the most comfortable, but you can wear whatever you think will be best for this group fitness class. Wear comfortable shoes, not too heavy, that have good traction, flexible soles, and good ankle support.

Benefits of STRONG by Zumba

One of our favorite benefits of the best group fitness classes is that you make new friends and are motivated to attend because of all your new classmates. That’s far from being the only perk of this group exercise class though. Here are three other benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • You’ll relieve stress. Sure, you’ll get endorphins from lots of different high-intensity workouts. With STRONG Zumba classes, though, you get the added bonus of enjoying fast-paced music and working out your stress to an engaging beat. The music is designed to match each move you make.
  • You’ll burn calories. With so many fun movements, you’ll burn more calories than many other workouts, but here’s the kicker: it won’t even feel like a workout. Burning calories doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With this group training class, you’ll be so invested that it may not even feel like the end of class — and you’ll burn hundreds of calories in that time.
  • You’ll strengthen muscles. Not only are you burning calories. You’ll also tone your arms, legs, abs, and glutes. Amidst all the explosive dancing, you’re incorporating plyometric moves like burpees, jumping jacks, and high-knees, along with isometric moves like squats, kickboxing, and lunges.

Sign Up For A Class Today

Ready to dance your way to a health and fitness victory? Try STRONG by Zumba today. The high-intensity group exercise class will have you fit, strong, and healthy in no time. Still not quite sure? Sign up with Fit Central in Columbia today and the first class is on us! We also have many other fitness classes to choose from.