This workout class is essentially just what its name implies: one full hour of power. With busy schedules and the unplanned surprises of life, it can be hard to get a full workout in every day. If you find yourself struggling to complete all the strength and fitness training you want to each week, our Power Hour class at Fit Central could be the class for you. Visit our Columbia location to try it and other fitness classes out, and we’re sure we’ll see you coming back for more.

If you’re training for a competition or game, are trying to get back in shape fast, are up for a new challenge, or are tired of your workout routine and looking to spice things up for a change, then our Power Hour is for you. This is because we have intervals of resistance, cardio, and strength training jam-packed into this 60-minute class that works with your schedule.

Attend Group Classes

Our group classes are taught by fantastic instructors who will keep you and your classmates energetic while making sure everyone maintains proper form. Each instructor will teach a little differently than whoever taught you last time, so embrace the differences and try to learn something new each time you go. When you work out with others, you develop a strong support system, motivate yourself better, and are more likely to continue working out.

Work Out At Your Own Pace

Just because you’re working out with others, you should never feel pressured to perform outside of your comfort or ability. Any of the instructors can offer modifications to the exercise or help you find the weight that’s just right for you. It’s vital that you push your body during our Power Hour class, but it’s also vital that you honor your body’s limitations. Keep coming regularly and you’ll see improvement.

Class Styles Vary

One benefit of our Power Hour class is that you’ll start seeing improved muscle definition and strength all over your body. You’ll notice these changes in the mirror, when you’re doing other workouts and have improved capabilities, or simply when you’re around the house and reach for something or lift something heavy. Because the instructors and class styles vary, some days you’ll have intense all-body workouts, whereas other classes will focus more exclusively on upper body, lower body, or abs, for example. No matter what, the classes are intense and fun and you’ll get the workout you crave.

Alternate Your Workouts

We’re more than happy for you to participate in the Power Hour class daily and reap the benefits; however, we have so many other classes you can incorporate into your schedule to really see progress. Imagine the overall improvement you’ll experience when you add in yoga classes for strength and flexibility, cardio classes when you really want to sweat, or any of our other fitness classes.

Try A Power Hour Class Today

When it comes to getting healthy and strong, there’s no time like the present. You’ll have to work hard, but we believe there’s something satisfying about sweat and hard work. Join us today and prove to yourself that you have what it takes to improve. Your first fitness class is free, so there’s no reason to delay! Here at Fit Central in Columbia, we’re the right fit for you.