Working up a sweat might not be on everyone’s must-do list, but if you’re looking to tone your butt and thighs, Les Mills classes will have you sweating in no time to achieve the results you’re looking for. Bodystep classes use an adjustable step platform that you will jump and step on, and move around to raise your heart rate, increase your cardio ability, and enhance your coordination.

If you’re imagining an old-school aerobics class, throw that idea away and look forward to a class that is energetic and fast-paced, and get ready to burn calories, tone, and shape your legs and butt. At Fit Central, there are two types of bodystep classes.

  • Bodystep Classic: Get ready to have some fun at this Les Mills class. Using fun, almost dance-like moves, you’re constantly moving your feet, stepping or jumping onto the platform, and incorporating your arms into the moves as well. With upbeat music to keep you going, you’ll soon look forward to your next class.
  • Bodystep Athletic: For those who want a more intense workout, the fun moves are switched out with burpees, push ups, and weight plate exercises to give your arms a great workout too. But don’t think that this type isn’t fun, you will still move to energetic music and your instructor will keep you moving throughout the class.

Les Mills ClassesBefore Your First Les Mills Class

At Fit Central, we want everyone to come prepared for a great workout, so here are some tips before your first class.

  • Start Slow: We will understand if you can’t make it through the whole class. Some of the moves can be difficult to nail down and your whole body will feel tired. Start slow and get to know the moves, work your body up toward completing an entire class.
  • Learn the Movements: The bodystep moves were designed to give your muscles the resistance they need to grow strong and lean. At first, the moves can be hard to catch onto, but don’t be discouraged. It’s ok to go slow, get your feet in step with the instructor, and then begin to incorporate the arm movements.
  • Start Low: A great benefit of the Les Mills classes is that they can be modified for beginners. In a bodystep class, the platform can be adjusted so that you’re not stepping quite as high in the beginning. When you want a more challenging step, raise the platform.
  • Bring a Friend: Fit Central’s instructors are great at motivating and encouraging everyone who joins our classes, but there’s nothing like having a friend to whip you into shape.

Les Mills classes try to incorporate cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises to give you the results you want for your body. Bodystep will quickly have you sweating, your heart rate will be high, and your legs and butt will look great. All of this while also having fun stepping to great music. At Fit Central, we look forward to teaching you the steps so that you can look forward to joining us regularly for group classes. Sign up in Columbia today.