We all want those beautifully toned thighs, tight arms, and firm butt. But we’re not always sure about how to achieve that. We could do some lunges at home and we might spend some time on the treadmill, but after a couple of weeks the energy might fade and we’re left to dream about the body we want. Well, at Fit Central, we offer Les Mills classes that will definitely get that energy back into your routine.

The focus of these classes is to work to improve the tone of the muscles throughout your body. We use light to moderate weights in our workouts, but through multiple sets, you can expect to lose calories and feel the burn. But more than burning calories, you will be raising your heart rate, strengthening, shaping, and toning your legs, butt, back, and arms. You can look forward to long-term results that are based on building lean muscle, which will, in turn, help your body burn calories more efficiently and raise your metabolism.

Les Mills ClassesThe Rep Effect

While some fitness buffs focus on strength training from lifting heavy weights over a few repetitions, Les Mills classes switch up this traditional view. With lighter weights and a lot of repetitions, muscles in your body will grow lean and tight through muscle fatigue, calorie, and fat loss. You can look forward to sculpting your shoulders, achieving stronger, leaner legs, firming up your butt, seeing defined arms, and feeling a tighter core.

The last time you went to the gym, you may have done 10-15 reps on the tricep curl, or 10-15 reps of lunges. When you join our Les Mills classes, you’ll perform between 800 and 1000 reps. Many classes are between 30 to 55 minutes, so get ready to sweat. But don’t be discouraged thinking about completing that many reps now. Instructors will keep the music loud, energetic, and we will constantly be looking to motivate and encourage everyone in the class to keep pushing through the repetitions. We know it’s hard. But when you’re focusing on the end goal of lean muscles, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

When you join any of our fitness classes, from yoga to circuit training, our experts will ensure that each move and every rep is done with the proper form so that your body doesn’t sustain any injuries. Safety is definitely a huge priority for all of the instructors at Fit Central. Our focus will always be performing each motion correctly and making sure you are having fun in a safe environment. If you ever feel uncomfortable while performing a rep, we will give you an alternative movement that you can complete and still give your body a great workout.

Try a Les Mills Class Today

There’s no better time than now to get started working toward achieving the body you’ve always desired. It does take hard work and you’ll soon reach thousands of repetitions before you hit your goal, but our trainers will always be there to keep you motivated. If you want to experience an intense workout, get started today with a free class.