Chances are high that you’ve heard of circuit training before, but do you really know what it entails? This style of workout class has popped up at fitness centers all over the nation, and there’s no surprise why. The workouts are intense, but so are the benefits. At Fit Central, we offer you this workout class and others — all with trained instructors and excellent childcare providers. Ready to get in shape? Visit our Columbia Fit Central today.

What Is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is an intense workout class, but one that will deliver you the results you want. The technique involves performing a series of strength-training or cardio exercises, or a combination of the two, with little-to-no rest inbetween. You’ll usually rotate through five to ten exercises that target different muscle groups.

Benefits Of Circuit Training

  • It’s fun. Say goodbye to dreading your seemingly endless treadmill time. Circuit training typically feels like it goes by faster because you’re working hard and focusing on one move at a time. Not to mention, our group fitness classes will help you stay engaged and have fun with friends the whole time.
  • It’s functional. Is all that time doing crunches not actually benefiting you during the day? Circuit training makes sense because it mirrors real-life situations: lifting, reaching and pulling, balancing, and power. When you lift that laundry basket, reach for the top cupboard, balance multiple things in your arms while taking the stairs, or walk up a hill, you’ll actually feel how your circuit training fitness class is making a difference.
  • It burns more calories. Want to have maximum benefits in a minimum amount of time? Circuit training is a surefire way to get it done. Your heart rate elevates rapidly while you’re quickly switching between exercises, so you’ll burn a lot of calories and do some good for your heart.

What To Expect

Classes vary due to different fitness centers, instructors, and even due to different class participants. Each class you attend will be unique, but there are certain aspects you can expect.

  • Your instructor can help you come up with modifications when necessary for certain moves.
  • You need to start with a warm-up.
  • You want to allow at least 20-30 minutes for each workout class.
  • You have five to ten different “stations” with a unique exercise at each. You’ll most likely do 10-25 reps at each of these stations.
  • You won’t get much rest between the stations.

If you’re a beginner, don’t stress. And if you’re a self-proclaimed gym rat, there’s still something you can get out of this fitness program. The difficulty of the class can easily be personalized to give you the workout that you need. Doing circuit training in a group fitness class will help motivate you to work harder and get your goals, but you won’t feel pressured to work past your limit.

Why Fit Central?

If you’re looking for fitness classes in Columbia, then we feel sure that Fit Central will be a match for your needs. Our circuit training class will help you meet your health goals, and you can always mix up your routine with any of our other classes. Sign up today — your first class with us is free!