Zumba Coordinator & Instructor

This Farmington Missouri native began dancing at 3 years old, practicing everything from ballet to swing. Chelsea moved to Columbia in 2004 to attend Mizzou and pursue an Industrial Engineering degree. After graduating she was tired of homework and missed dancing. Curious about Zumba, she tried it, and was hooked after a few sessions. Chelsea became certified in 2010 and began sharing her talent with the city of Columbia. She has earned a tremendous reputation with a strong following in the Zumba circuit.

Chelsea is a licensed Zumba instructor and certified in Strong by Zumba.  She believes exercise can be enjoyable through dancing and she fills the room with music and excitement. Using short verbal cues and guiding hand gestures she leads the class in direction and movement. Her enthusiasm and spunk inspires participants to drop their inhibitions and experience the feeling of a great workout. We are honored to have this brilliant instructor on our team.