It’s the end of the day and you’re crossing off to-dos in your planner. Classes? Check. Homework? Check. Meeting friends at the bar? Check. Working out? Ehhhh… let’s postpone that until tomorrow (again).

Here in Columbia, Missouri, we have a number of universities and vocational schools. During these years of our lives, it’s easy to get caught up in educational, extracurricular, and social activities and neglect an important aspect of your life: your physical health and well-being.

At Fit Central, we know how difficult it can be. Because of this, we’ve put together this short list of ways to increase your health even though you’re a busy college student. Fitness classes are on the list, of course, because our health and fitness center offers a variety of fitness classes you’ll love, including HIIT classes, yoga classes, Les Mills classes, and many more. Read our blog today and sign up with Fit Central — your first class is free!

Make A Meal Plan

Chances are high you’ve heard your diet matters more than exercise. It’s true! According to many studies, it’s more important what you’re putting into your body than it is what you’re doing with your body when it comes to reaching weight loss goals. Though we, of course, love group exercise classes, strength and conditioning, and more, we at Fit Central also recognize that it’s often easier to cut calories than it is to burn them.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Getting into personal training and really committing to your workout routine will elevate your health, help you sleep better, and make you a more well-rounded and happy person and student. Check out our personal trainers and learn more about personal training, and find out what to look for in a personal trainer.

Join A Local Gym

Find a gym that meets your health needs and preferences just right. Perhaps you’re looking for a fitness center that offers barre fitness classes, yoga for beginners, group training classes, Zumba classes, or more. Maybe you’re looking for a gym with child care or you’re wanting more of a one-on-one experience. Whatever it is, find the right gym and join it — and then attend it regularly!

Recruit A Friend

We’ve seen it time and time again. Especially as a college student, you thrive on social situations. If it comes down to going out with your friends or hitting the gym by yourself, it’s likely you’ll choose your friends. To combat this, get a friend to join you for those group fitness classes and your health and fitness goals! Having someone by your side will help you stay motivated all semester long.

Are you looking for fitness classes in Columbia? Fit Central has you covered. Fitness classes are a great way to increase your health, get to know people, and become more active — even if you’re sitting in classes the rest of the day. Visit Fit Central today and enjoy your first class for free!